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Live Well Counseling Center

Live Well Counseling Center is a counseling service with a team of passionate therapists who strive to successfully guide our clients through life’s challenges. We are ready to do the same for you.

Our team of licensed professionals provides counseling and life coaching services across an array of specialties in a solution-focused environment. With all these pieces in place, you can focus on enjoying life and moving forward.

"Have attended this program in Kearney 7 years. It's a very comfortable environment and great people to work with. I love my counselor. She's the best! Very comfortable talking to her. Great business!"

- Derek -

"I voiced my concerns about my mother’s mental health to her doctor. He agreed with me that counseling might help her cope with the losses she has had in her life. He wrote an order for her 'to see someone at Live Well Counseling Center.' I asked him why that company and he said, 'My staff always says that is the best place we have in town.' I called the next day and made the appointment. The staff at Live Well Counseling Center was so helpful and made it easy. The care my mom has received is outstanding. She is finally releasing decades of grief and guilt. Thank you!"

- Sherri -

"When we were searching for someone to help us figure out what was wrong with our marriage, we weren't sure of who to use. When we called Live Well Counseling Center, we knew that we had the right place. We went to our first meeting with our therapist, and from that point on, we were headed back in the right direction. She has been a wonderful guide to have help us in solving our issues. I would recommend anyone with ANY kind of issue to give Live Well Counseling Center a call. I am sure that they can help you out, like our therapist has us!!! What a wonderful person she has been to us and helped us tremendously!!! Thank you."

- Bill -

"We both walked in thinking it was too late, but Carlene (Headrick) was there and ready to help us through. There was no right or wrong, just a safe place to talk about all those things we had been avoiding. Being able and encouraged to talk about the hard things helped each one of us to realize what we did have and what we both wanted – in the future together. There were tears and hurt feelings but there was also a lot of love and understanding. I wish we had taken this journey with Carlene years ago to save a lot of lost time, but the fear of admitting our problems to someone else kept us unhappy for too long. It was an unnecessary fear because Carlene was so welcoming and willing to assist us. We use the skills Carlene taught us to keep our marriage strong and we cannot thank her enough. We highly recommend Live Well Counseling Center to everyone because anyone and everyone can benefit from their services. Thank you again!!"

- Julie -

"Before I started seeing you, I did extensive research to find a therapist who would be a perfect match. When I'm giving advice in finding a therapist, I tell them about my experience in finding you…how I made sure your values, beliefs and ideals were similar to mine. I also tell them to find someone who is a role model. Seanne, you've got such a calm, peaceful presence and you did so much for me in such a short amount of time. Thank you."

- S.W. -

"Jess, I don't know how much feedback you get about the work you do, but I wanted to say thank you. Our son hasn't shared details about his visits with you, but he speaks highly of you. And I know we have seen a tremendous change in how he relates to us."

- M. -

"As an emergency room nurse, I see many people and life events throughout each day that I work. People don’t come to the ER because they want to; they come because they are very sick, they've just been through a traumatic event, or they are dying. In the past, the health care professional was forgotten about when it came to “debriefing” after a traumatic event. Live Well Counseling Center counselors have been a wonderful help to engage everyone involved in these events and they come whenever they are needed-usually early in the morning or late in the evening. The counselors provide an open and caring environment for firefighters, nurses, doctors, and respiratory therapists to come together and talk about the event. These debriefings provide healing and help us to move on and do our jobs to the best of our ability."

- M. -

"Finding a therapist isn’t easy. I had met with a couple others and now I know what was missing. She delivers the coping skills I needed. Peppered with the exact amount of grace and understanding. She keeps track of the of the people in my life and my experiences so I feel that one on one care. Thank you so much Lori. You have helped me live well! I am in a healthier place all because of you. "

- Codi -

"I’ve had issues with therapist before because I appear and behave fine, but that’s a mask. With everything going on in my life I finally decided to try again. The process of matching me to a therapist with Live Well matched me well with Lori. Lori allowed me to pace our sessions and that helped me open up. Sometimes Lori would give me homework, and that helped me in between sessions. During my work with her I was able to build myself up again. Unfortunately, I moved away so my work with Lori came to a close. If I could have brought Lori with me I would have. Thanks Lori!!!"

- Annamae -

Our Locations

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3532 West Capital Avenue

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Office: (308) 381-7487

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Fax: (308) 237-4792

York Office

2011 North Lincoln Avenue, Bell Clinic

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Office: (308) 381-7487

Broken Bow Office

255 South 10th Avenue, Suite 101

Broken Bow, NE 68822

Office: (308) 381-7487

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