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Trauma Informed Care

Trauma Informed Care (TIC) is a culture that promotes a trauma informed environment that incorporates an understanding of the prevalence and impact of trauma and trauma-specific services. Trauma-informed services are designed to avoid retraumatization and facilitates consumer participation and empowerment. TIC is a set of beliefs and values that have been adopted by Live Well Counseling Center and is integrated into the services provided.

Core Principles of TIC:

  1. Safety: Ensuring physical and emotional safety for consumers, staff and service providers.
  2. Trustworthiness: Maximize trustworthiness through task clarity, consistency and interpersonal boundaries.
  3. Choices: Maximize consumer choice and control.
  4. Collaboration: Maximize collaboration and sharing power.
  5. Empowerment: Prioritizing empowerment and skill-building.



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