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Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i)

Emotional intelligence is “any array of non-cognitive capabilities, competencies and skills that influences one's ability to succeed in coping with environmental demands and pressures" (Reuven Bar-On). 

Live Well Counseling Center has the largest number of certified and trained EQ-i staff of any practice in the state of Nebraska. Our internationally trained therapists can assess emotional intelligence and help you maximize your individual, group and business potential. This is an innovative tool to increase individual, marital, team and/or company productivity, teamwork and profitability.

EQ-i is the ability to effectively know our own emotions and to appropriately regulate them so we can tolerate stress, express ourselves effectively and relate to others in a productive, positive manner. It gives us the ability to read our environment, grasp what others want and need, remain unruffled by stress and be engaging — the kind of person others want to be around.

Unlike IQ, which is a relatively fixed construct, individuals can grow, foster and develop their EQ (or EQ-i), which increases one’s ability to succeed and to be happy.

Interested in learning more about what it takes to be happy? Check out Martin Seligman's book, Authentic Happiness.

Happy people are healthier people. Happy people experience more success and show less absenteeism in work environments. They are more productive and have enhanced job satisfaction.

Emotional intelligence skills can be the key that leads to college success for students. That’s because one can enhance the ability to adapt and be flexible in a new environment with intention towards growing EQ-i.

“We are being judged by a new yardstick; not just how smart we are, or by our training and expertise, but also how well we handle ourselves and each other.” (Daniel Goleman, Ph.D.)

“EQ-i is the key to 27% to 46% of workplace success.” (Bar-on, MHS)

“For all levels of jobs, EQ-i competencies are twice as effective as IQ in determining an individual’s success rate.” (Daniel Goleman, Ph.D.)

“Eighty-five to 95 percent of the difference between a ‘good leader’ and an ‘excellent leader’ is due to emotional intelligence.” (Daniel Goleman, Ph.D.)

Recommended Books:  Life's 2% Solution by Marcia Hughes;  The EQ Edge by Steven Stein, PhD, and Howard Book, M.D.


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