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We believe that the better you feel, the more productive, fulfilled and happy you are in your everyday life. Our psychiatric nurse practitioner uses evidence-based treatments and is licensed to prescribe mental health medication for a variety of illnesses. Often, clients receive medication management in conjunction with counseling services. Our services give you the unique opportunity to address mental health concerns comprehensively.

Unlike a conventional doctor’s office—where you may not have a lot of time to explore your concerns—we have a supportive team that works collaboratively to provide you with the correct diagnosis as well as useful resources to enhance your overall wellbeing. With the right expertise and guidance, it’s possible to experience symptom reduction and enjoy more ease and calm in your life.

What is Psychiatric Medication Management?

Psychiatric medication management is the process of working with a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner to ensure that your psychiatric medications are effective and safe. This may include changing doses, switching medications, or adding new medications.

It is essential to have regular Psychiatric Medication Management appointments because mental health conditions can change over time. Medications that were once effective may become less so or may cause new side effects.

Who Should Consider Psychiatric Medication Management?

There are many misconceptions surrounding mental health medication, and one of those is that psychiatric medication is the cure for treating mental health conditions. The reality is that our mental health is complex and that mental illnesses are rooted in many factors.

The goal of utilizing psychiatric medications is to help minimize or eliminate symptoms of mental illness and can help improve your quality of life.

Whether or not you need mental health medication is a very personal choice. Your provider can help guide you in this decision and may recommend medication if they think it would benefit your treatment.  

Medication management is the ideal way for providers to administer psychiatric medication. Taking mental health medications can feel intimidating enough, but feeling like you’re alone on this journey can make the process even scarier. With medication management for mental health, you know that your provider will work with you to determine the best approach for treatment.

If you’re already taking prescription psychiatric medications, psychiatric medication management can benefit you too. With psychiatric medication management, your prescribing practitioner can evaluate your current prescriptions and make suggestions based on your current symptoms and treatment history.

Meet our Provider!

Rebecca Wheeler, APRN, PMHNP-BC


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