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Anxiety is a common issue for many of us. A certain amount of anxiety is normal and necessary for healthy functioning. However, anxiety can easily become abnormal, creating distress and leading to disease. It can destroy sleep, appetite and sex life. It can create chronic tension in the body. Excessive anxiety and worry can become a "generalized anxiety disorder," causing impairment in social and occupational functioning. Unmanaged or untreated anxiety can lead to panic attacks and is associated with medical conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, cardiac arrhythmia, hypoglycemia, seizure disorders, fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome. 

We can learn to manage anxiety so it doesn't get the best of us. And, the earlier intervention is applied, the better. Our professional staff is trained to assess and treat anxiety disorders in adults, adolescents and children. 

Our assessment utilizes a holistic model and assesses health, environment/interpersonal relationships, attitudes/behaviors, spirituality and base of social support. 

We use a variety of methods to help clients achieve successful outcomes. Such methods often include behavioral/cognitive therapy, EMDR (learn more below), breathing exercises and progressive body relaxation, visualization, and imagery desensitization. The therapists at Live Well Counseling Center can also provide coping strategies for anxiety sufferers to be able to move on and thrive in life .


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