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Family & Couples Counseling

Marriage & Couples

We are your relationship specialists. We know that relationships are at the heart of reality and happiness. Our team of compassionate, skilled professionals will help you enhance the quality of your relationships so you can enjoy life and move forward.

Many presenting problems, such as sexual, financial, behavioral issues and mood disorders, can be effectively treated by utilizing couples or family therapy. Families are an important component in our work at Live Well Counseling Center as we believe healthy families are key to helping others reach their greatest potential. Sometimes, however, a marriage cannot be repaired. In these situations, we help a couple accept and cope with dissolving the marriage in as healthy a way as possible. Our class for divorcing parents, "Who's Taking Care of the Children," educates parents on how to successfully help their children cope with the divorce in healthy ways.

Marital therapy, as well as premarital therapy, is recommended for anyone wanting to enhance the quality of their relationship so that needs are better met. A variety of communication tools are utilized. All our professionals are trained in utilizing the techniques developed by John M. Gottman, PhD, who authored The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work.

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Divorce Counseling

The decision to get a sperate is often very difficult and can lead to turmoil in more areas of a person's life than just the changing marital status. Our therapists can help you deal with the effects of divorce.

We can also help your children deal with your divorce and identify how they may be expressing stress related to the divorce/custody case.

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Aging Parents & Caregiving

As the average lifespan continues to increase, many people are facing the difficult situation of reversing roles with their parents. Taking care of one’s own parents can create a lot of stress, often because the caregiver is still a part of the workforce and may still be taking care of one’s own children. The emotional ties between the parent and child can also make it difficult to see the situation objectively. Decisions related to assisted living or a nursing home due to the parent's failing health are often clouded by emotional attachment to the family home or refusal to accept the parent's current state. Therapists at Live Well Counseling Center can help those involved — through individual and/or family therapy — to deal with the stress and make rational decisions while maintaining respect for the wide range of emotions involved.

Child/Adolescent Behavioral Issues

Children and adolescents are by no means perfect — and neither are parents. Nearly every parent has felt overwhelmed when it comes to controlling his/her child's behavior. The same strategies do not work for everyone, which is why the therapists at Live Well Counseling Center are prepared to help you try several different methods of parenting until you find one that works for you.


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